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Exchange rates of Webmoney to Visa/MasterCard RUB

The table contains important information regarding the conversion rate of Webmoney to Visa/MasterCard RUB. There you will find all the exchangers that are currently operating. The best deals are at the top. Read the table description.

Exchanger Webmoney Visa/MasterCard Reserve BL Comments
SuperObmenka 1.0000from 143 76.9000 2752114max. 109890 4228 1/0/0
Flychange 1.0000from 50 76.8949 17246956max. 3075796 2470 0/0/0
MonEx 1.0000from 130.24 76.7813 1444532max. 499999 2424 0/0/0
M-Obmen 1.0000from 143 76.3000 2974112max. 109032 2863 2/0/0
RocketChange 1.0000from 50 76.2999 16550147max. 4959493 1610 1/0/0
Obmenlite24 1.0000from 15 75.5002 22636 866 2/0/0
NetExchange 1.0000from 66.23 75.5001 3260653max. 59054 945 0/0/0
Megachange 1.0000from 50 75.5000 103487 1124 1/0/0
Favorite-exchanger 1.0000from 20 75.5000 2533099max. 604000 1072 1/0/0
WM Money 1.0000from 1 74.7006 44039 1323 1/0/0
VIPchanger 1.0000from 90 74.7006 866339 1902 0/0/0
Vip-Money 1.0000from 20 74.7004 1292803max. 373502 616 0/0/0
Exchange Moscow 1.0000from 20 74.7003 388268max. 149400 567 1/0/0
ElectronExchange 1.0000from 17 74.7002 515797 966 0/0/0
Obmenka Online 1.0000from 17 74.7000 565098 1669 2/1/0
Babasiki 1.0000from 17 74.6998 501328max. 373499 1380 2/2/0
VmexInfo 1.0000from 10 74.3360 649482 0 3/1/0
WMSiM 1.0000+3 67.3360 152561 922 3/0/0
FastWM 1.0000from 100 54.0000 351999 829 1/0/0
Wmcash24 1.0000from 15 49.2769 15588 18/1/1

Additional fees of exchangers already included in the exchange rates.

How to choose an exchanger with a favorable rate

If you have Webmoney dollars and want to exchange it to Visa (Master Card) RUB, the table will help you choose the best rate to date. Use our tips on how to find a suitable exchanger:

  1. It is very important to begin with determining the rate. Choose from the offered the most profitable option. You can see the rates in the columns "Webmoney" and "Visa/MasterCard".
  2. The column titled "Reserve" contains information about whether the exchanger has enough funds Visa/MasterCard RUB to complete the operation.
  3. Column "Comments" will help you finally decide on the exchanger. There are all claims, complaints, and customer thanks. To find out more, you can go to the site itself and read reviews there.
  4. There are two exchange modes – normal manual and fast automatic; you can determine the mode by the icon – if it is, then the exchange is manual; if there is no icon, it means automatic. Keep in mind that the procedure in automatic mode is much faster than in manual mode. Although for many it is not important.

Have you chosen an exchanger? Click on it, register and leave a request. If you have any difficulties with the choice, once again carefully go through all the points of the table – and you will definitely find something that you like and suit.

Some more tips:

When choosing an exchange manually, look at what time the operator is working. Otherwise, waiting for the receipt of funds may take a long time.

There are also exchanges that transfer Webmoney USD to Visa/MasterCard RUB, and this is registered as a finance withdrawal procedure.

Please register. This is not necessary, but it can bring you additional benefits if you plan to use the exchanger more than once. When registering, the site remembers you, and over time, a decent discount can accumulate. With each subsequent exchange, you will receive more funds.

It is common practice to withhold a commission when transferring one currency to another. Many exchangers charge a small percentage for the provision of the service.

Carefully read everything in the table so as not to be mistaken when choosing an exchanger. The description of the table gives you comprehensive information on how you can quickly select an exchanger.

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