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Exchange rates of Visa/MasterCard UAH to Monero

Where can you profitably exchange Visa/MasterCard UAH for Monero? Take a look at the table and see all the current offers from exchangers. To select the most profitable option, pay attention to the lines of the table that are at the top. Decoding data values in table columns.

    Exchanger Visa/MasterCard Monero Reserve TS Comments
    WestChange Top 6796.8428+5from 1000 1.0000 159.4398 307.6 4/0/0
    Fast Change 6823.2178+5 1.0000 1761.6650 1256.0 10/0/0
    YoChange 6826.9619from 1000 1.0000 105265.0000 118.8 0/0/0
    Kassa 6851.0034from 1000 1.0000 6.6891 1807.8 0/0/0
    Eliteobmen 6859.2764+5from 1000 1.0000 8248.8770 361.4 3/2/0
    RuBitok 6870.1660+5from 693.4 1.0000-0.0002 0.3346 457.7 2/0/0
    4money 6873.2998from 18000 1.0000 22204.0996 0/0/0
    24 Zone 6874.7998from 16000 1.0000 21826.0000 73.6 0/0/0
    1-Online 6876.8999from 15000 1.0000 115221.0000max. 4.0716 414.7 2/0/0
    NewLine 6883.3999from 15000 1.0000 264353.0000max. 4.2130 688.9 3/0/0
    Magnetic Exchange Com 6955.6689+5from 701.97 1.0000-0.0002 15.7523 3875.4 0/0/0
    Nice Change 7032.0737from 2000 1.0000 355606.9688max. 3.5551 210.1 1/0/0
    CoinShop24 7154.4336from 600 1.0000 5556.6206 74.4 0/0/0
    PrivatCash 7183.5298from 350 1.0000 5.0000 11/0/0
    CryptoBox 7213.9775from 2500 1.0000 3176.9299 135.0 0/0/0
    Bit-Exchanger 7232.0464from 2500 1.0000 17661.6309 583.2 3/1/0
    ProstoCash 7245.4575from 2000 1.0000 744105.6875max. 6.9008 143.3 0/0/0
    60cek 7305.1357from 1000 1.0000 124102.9609max. 3.9698 632.3 0/0/0
    24Paybank 7319.6460from 1000 1.0000 626016.1875max. 4.0439 542.5 28/0/0
    MasterChange 7369.3110from 2500 1.0000 6122.4902 6/0/0
    Baksman 7410.1133from 2000 1.0000 536739.7500max. 3.3737 544.0 10/1/0
    PayMarket 7657.5581from 350 1.0000 1.1200 55.7 0/0/0
    YChanger 7758.8247from 3000 1.0000 816175.9375max. 3.8021 198.6 1/0/0
    Bankcomat 7852.0317from 500 1.0000 433217.3750max. 3.1838 26/0/0
    4ange 8243.7510from 500 1.0000 104586.5469max. 3.0326 214.2 0/0/0
    XChange 8244.6328from 2000 1.0000 223499.7656max. 3.5780 3272.0 32/0/0
    MChange 8331.2500from 2000 1.0000 159932.5312max. 3.0007 103.9 7/0/0

    Additional fees of exchangers already included in the exchange rates.

    How to choose an exchanger with a favorable rate

    Swapping Visa (Master Card) UAH for Monero (XMR) is easy on its own. The main thing is to find a suitable site with a rate that suits you perfectly. Here are some tips to help you navigate the table:

    1. The important columns are "Visa/MasterCard" and "Monero". In them you will see the most important current exchange rate. It can change depending on the selected site. Find an advantageous offer and move on to the next item in the table.
    2. Column "Reserve" contains all the information about how many Monero are currently in the exchanger.
    3. "Comments" will help you find out what other users think of the site, if they have any complaints. To learn more, go to the site you are interested in, read all reviews in detail, draw your own conclusions.
    4. The icon next to the name of the exchanger will give you an idea of the mode of transactions. Its presence will tell you that the site is working in manual mode. No – in automatic. The latter is considered faster, but sometimes the time difference is very minimal.

    The search shouldn't take too long. Use the instructions, select the exchanger that suits your needs. As soon as you choose an exchanger that suits all points, go to the site itself and start performing the operations you need.

    What to look for when choosing an exchanger

    The nuances of the manual mode. If you liked the exchanger that makes withdrawals manually, then be sure to find out how the operators work, their working hours. And then you don't have to wait too long for the transaction to complete.

    There are exchangers where transfer from Visa/MasterCard UAH to Monero is a normal deposit operation.

    Please note whether you need to register in exchanger. Often, those who have registered are given bonuses and discounts, which can increase over time. It will be beneficial for you. We recommend that you go to exchanger under your login to use all the features of the exchanger.

    Remember the commission that is charged for the transfer – you must have enough funds in your wallet.

    In the table you will find all the information you need to help you navigate the exchangers, figure out which one is most suitable. The table makes it possible to save time and quickly find exchangers.

    On a note

    1. Always try to split large sums on as many as possible small.
    2. If you need to exchange a large sum then use the recommended exchangers (with green background in table).
    3. If the exchange was not made on time then, it is recommended to write a claim.
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