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Exchange rates of TRON to Visa/MasterCard RUB

To find and select a suitable exchanger for transferring from TRON to Visa/MasterCard RUB, you can go to the table and see all the options of exchangers. Those that are currently considered the most profitable are located as close to the top as possible. Information describing the data contained in the table is here.

Exchanger TRON Visa/MasterCard Reserve TS Comments
Premier Cash 1.0000from 4700 5.2223 1279125 0/0/0
Clean BTC 1.0000from 13000 5.2212 1393012max. 678756 0/0/0
AllTrustMe 1.0000from 4000 5.2134 6796254max. 5213400 0/0/0
Bit-Obmenka 1.0000from 1365.3607 5.1268 5763548max. 499995 0/0/0
Exchange For Me 1.0000from 975.6383 5.1248 1094179max. 99999 5/0/0
Receive-Money 1.0000 5.1245 0 1123.4 4/2/1
Obmen Im 1.0000from 1956.9471 5.1100 365294max. 49999 10/0/0
Fast Change 1.0000 5.1031 19938583 1435.4 10/0/0
ObmenoFF 1.0000from 1764.7 5.0961 403906max. 403597 0/1/0
4ange 1.0000from 1500 5.0774 20814011max. 253870 303.4 0/0/0
Cryptonet 1.0000from 4000 5.0679 1422141max. 91222 0/0/0
XChange 1.0000from 500 5.0650 15604498max. 303900 3272.0 32/0/0 1.0000from 300 5.0650 11771293max. 5065000 483.9 0/0/0
Nice Change 1.0000from 10000 5.0642 18868290 268.3 1/0/0
LEOexchanger 1.0000 5.0614 0 605.0 2/1/1
CoinShop24 1.0000from 700 5.0553 62824935 74.2 0/0/0
Ferma 1.0000from 150 5.0102 1720891 26.7 2/0/0
Baksman 1.0000from 1032.25 5.0083 92895807max. 14099472 603.3 10/2/1
YoChange 1.0000from 700 4.9837 9382847 119.4 0/0/0
Coinstart 1.0000from 200 4.9569 2573990 3.3 0/0/0
YChanger 1.0000from 300 4.9555 34589872max. 7433250 220.9 1/0/0
ObmenMonet 1.0000from 5000 4.9100 35218861max. 491000 0/0/0
MChange 1.0000from 400 4.9017 64538059max. 980340 184.0 7/0/0
Kassa 1.0000from 1025.9431 4.8735 14610max. 14609 2046.2 0/0/0
Bankcomat 1.0000from 375.22 4.8485 54031550max. 1819248 26/0/0
24Paybank 1.0000from 562.68 4.7984 39941500 542.4 28/0/2
ProstoCash 1.0000from 3750.63 4.7126 193474063max. 88376126 143.1 0/0/0

Additional fees of exchangers already included in the exchange rates.

How to choose an exchanger

Use the tips and instructions below on how to choose the right site for output, what to look for when converting Tron (TRX) to Visa (Master Card) RUB.

  1. The important columns are "TRON" and "Visa/MasterCard". In them you will see the most important current exchange rate. It can change depending on the selected site. Find an advantageous offer and move on to the next item in the table.
  2. Column "Reserve" contains all the information about how many Visa/MasterCard RUB are currently in the exchanger.
  3. "Comments" will help you find out what other users think of the site, if they have any complaints. To learn more, go to the site you are interested in, read all reviews in detail, draw your own conclusions.
  4. Another important point: choose the point where the exchange is carried out automatically or in manual mode. Manual is marked with a special icon next to the name. The absence of an icon will say that in front of you is a site that performs operations automatically. If you want to speed up the process, choose the latter. But sometimes the process is actually the same in time, regardless of the choice of the mode.

The selected item must match the parameters that you consider acceptable. Based on the instructions for using the table, find an exchange site that would completely suit you.

Some more tips:

When choosing an exchange manually, look at what time the operator is working. Otherwise, waiting for the receipt of funds may take a long time.

Some exchangers perform the TRON –> Visa/MasterCard RUB procedure in the same way as the withdrawal of funds.

Please note whether you need to register in exchanger. Often, those who have registered are given bonuses and discounts, which can increase over time. It will be beneficial for you. We recommend that you go to exchanger under your login to use all the features of the exchanger.

Some sites deduct a small percentage of the commission when withdrawing. It is worth remembering this when submitting an application in order to have a stock of funds on the wallet for the correct transfer of funds with a fee retention.

In the table you will find all the information you need to help you navigate the exchangers, figure out which one is most suitable. The table makes it possible to save time and quickly find exchangers.

On a note

  1. Always try to split large sums on as many as possible small.
  2. If you need to exchange a large sum then use the recommended exchangers (with green background in table).
  3. If the exchange was not made on time then, it is recommended to write a claim.