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Exchange rates of Tether USD to Tinkoff CS

To find and select a suitable exchanger for transferring from Tether USD to Tinkoff CS, you can go to the table and see all the options of exchangers. Those that are currently considered the most profitable are located as close to the top as possible. Read the table description.

Exchanger Tether USD Tinkoff CS Reserve TS Comments
24 Zone 1.0000from 340 76.7852 2311744max. 383926 25.6 0/0/0
1-Online 1.0000from 500 76.7628 9798894max. 460576 314.2 2/0/0
Obmenio 1.0000from 150 76.4109 1459690max. 382054 15/0/0
Bit-Exchanger 1.0000from 700 76.1577 6553535 502.2 3/1/0
Bitochek 1.0000from 50 75.8775 2393523max. 379387 461.3 0/0/0
Btc Online 1.0000from 50 75.8774 1135717max. 379387 394.0 0/0/0
ObmenMonet 1.0000from 100 75.8773 7732965max. 1138159 0/0/0
Fast Change 1.0000 75.7819 50654276 976.4 10/0/0
MChange 1.0000from 50 75.1400 16432033max. 751400 59.4 4/0/0
100 монет 1.0000from 600 74.9875 70000 353.6 0/0/0
YoChange 1.0000from 50 74.9711 7914422 99.1 0/0/0
ProstoCash 1.0000from 30 74.6800 103096552max. 1120200 143.5 0/0/0
Nice Change 1.0000from 100 74.6100 77486184max. 37305000 111.3 1/0/0
Baksman 1.0000from 100 74.5300 32013916max. 372650 484.7 4/1/0
YChanger 1.0000from 50 74.3800 84488928max. 1859500 96.2 1/0/0
CoinShop24 1.0000from 50 74.0939 1343575 52.3 0/0/0
ObmenoFF 1.0000from 54.05 74.0000 606069max. 499999 0/1/0
Bankcomat 1.0000from 50 73.6200 40875828max. 1104300 25/0/0
E-scrooge 1.0000from 800 72.2990 600000 1.0 0/0/3
RuBitok 1.0000from 1.3416 72.1598 559043max. 96813 329.4 2/0/0
GramBit 1.0000from 800 71.9578 446688 0/0/0
Magnetic Exchange Com 1.0000from 6.76 70.1680-45 216660max. 97570 3624.8 0/0/0
Acryptoexchange 1.0000from 132.1961 68.0874 9632567max. 3600031 129.2 0/0/0
Ferma 1.0000from 50 60.6500 45469 29.2 2/0/0
ChBy 1.0000from 450 60.5960 5932694 0/0/0

Additional fees of exchangers already included in the exchange rates.

How to choose an exchanger with a favorable rate

If you have Tether dollars and want to exchange it to Tinkoff Credit Systems RUB, the table will help you choose the best rate to date. Use our tips on how to find a suitable exchanger:

  1. The important columns are "Tether USD" and "Tinkoff CS". In them you will see the most important current exchange rate. It can change depending on the selected site. Find an advantageous offer and move on to the next item in the table.
  2. Column "Reserve" contains all the information about how many Tinkoff CS RUB are currently in the exchanger.
  3. "Comments" will help you find out what other users think of the site, if they have any complaints. To learn more, go to the site you are interested in, read all reviews in detail, draw your own conclusions.
  4. If you want to receive money as soon as possible, opt for an exchange that transfers funds automatically. There is also a manual mode – you will know about it by the icon located near the name of the exchanger. The difference in time during translation can be large, or it can be quite insignificant, so it is difficult to guess here. Choose what suits you best.

Here, you have chosen a site that suits you in all respects. Now click on its name, go to it and complete the translation. If you still haven't found a decent exchanger, try again using the instructions described above – and you will definitely find.

What to look for when choosing an exchanger

In order not to wait too long, find out if the operators work at night or in the early morning if you need to withdraw money outside of working hours. This applies to sites with manual exchange.

Some exchangers perform the Tether USD –> Tinkoff CS RUB procedure in the same way as the withdrawal of funds.

Do you want to receive regular discounts? Choose an point and register in it before starting certain procedures. This will help you get a discount, after which it will grow, and your other transfers of funds will become more profitable for you. You can fix a password, login in the browser, so that later the site will recognize you.

Some exchanges charge a minimum commission – keep this in mind.

In the table you will find all the information you need to help you navigate the exchangers, figure out which one is most suitable. The table makes it possible to save time and quickly find exchangers.

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