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Exchange rates of Qiwi to Tether USD TRC-20

In the table you can find suitable offers regarding the exchange of Qiwi for Tether USD TRC-20. If you need to make an exchange as profitable as possible, look at the lines at the very beginning. How to use the table – find out more.

Exchanger Qiwi Tether USD TRC-20 Reserve TS Comments
4ange 76.7768from 30000 1.0000 4451784.1755max. 1302.4767 303.9 0/0/0
WW-Pay 76.8265from 10000 1.0000 158562.2998max. 1952.4513 303.9 0/0/0
Шахта 76.8266from 1000 1.0000 292281.9474max. 6508.1625 797.3 27/0/4/1
ExLine 76.8882from 15000 1.0000 16264.0814max. 1950.8845 165.4 1/0/0
ProstoCash 76.9291from 5000 1.0000 82170995.2728max. 7799.3893 143.1 0/0/0 76.9298from 20000 1.0000 5075254.0000max. 2599.7727 483.9 0/0/0
24Paybank 76.9532from 30000 1.0000 2450669.2881max. 2598.9822 542.4 28/0/2
XChange 77.0212from 10000 1.0000 1324255.9013max. 1298.3438 3272.0 32/0/0
60cek 77.0333from 5000 1.0000 37703452.0562max. 1298.1398 719.6 0/0/0
YChanger 77.1149from 30000 1.0000 65886786.7523max. 778.0597 221.5 1/0/0
Bankcomat 77.1775from 5000 1.0000 57215659.8750max. 1295.7144 26/0/0
MChange 77.1785from 30000 1.0000 47755063.6619max. 1295.6976 184.9 7/0/0
CoinShop24 77.1935from 30000 1.0000 208968.7552 74.2 0/0/0
EExchanger 77.4747from 11621.21 1.0000 927030.7723 92.0 14/0/1
TimeSale 77.5084from 31003.35 1.0000 484.7300max. 484.7297 38/2/0
Money-Office 77.6520from 44000 1.0000 181858.0000max. 1287.7968 7.7 0/0/0
Baksman 77.6742from 6000 1.0000 6693000.0000max. 1274.5544 603.4 10/2/1
ObmenMonet 77.7228from 15000 1.0000 494931.3457max. 759.1080 0/0/0
CoinCat 77.8740from 2800 1.0000-1 13553.3700max. 4742.2267 22/1/1
Nice Change 77.9661from 20000 1.0000 20385484.0216max. 2565.2174 268.5 1/0/0
YoChange 78.2542from 30000 1.0000 523189.2096 119.4 0/0/0
NewLine 78.3380from 40000 1.0000 3135740.0000max. 1276.5196 765.6 3/0/0
LEOexchanger 80.2935from 3000 1.0000-1 1761.8638max. 597.8067 605.9 2/1/1
Ym-Change 82.6037from 5000 1.0000-1 61.4500 135.9 0/0/0
PayMarket 90.6660from 1000 1.0000 430.4900 84.3 0/0/0
Pocket-Exchange 99.2550from 3000 1.0000 3319.2800 305.9 7/0/1
Bitcash 100.0000from 6000 1.0000-5 1849.2000max. 150.0000 1/0/0
Ferma 114.5250from 10000 1.0000 42798.4300 26.7 2/0/0

Additional fees of exchangers already included in the exchange rates.

Exchanger search

If you have Qiwi RUB and want to exchange it to Tether trc 20 dollars, the table will help you choose the best rate to date. Use our tips on how to find a suitable exchanger:

  1. The important columns are "Qiwi" and "Tether USD TRC-20". In them you will see the most important current exchange rate. It can change depending on the selected site. Find an advantageous offer and move on to the next item in the table.
  2. Column "Reserve" contains all the information about how many Tether USD TRC-20 are currently in the exchanger.
  3. "Comments" will help you find out what other users think of the site, if they have any complaints. To learn more, go to the site you are interested in, read all reviews in detail, draw your own conclusions.
  4. Another important point: choose the point where the exchange is carried out automatically or in manual mode. Manual is marked with a special icon next to the name. The absence of an icon will say that in front of you is a site that performs operations automatically. If you want to speed up the process, choose the latter. But sometimes the process is actually the same in time, regardless of the choice of the mode.

The selected item must match the parameters that you consider acceptable. Based on the instructions for using the table, find an exchange site that would completely suit you.

Important tips

In order not to wait too long for the transfer of money in manual mode, read the information on the exchange website, see what the operators have working hours. This saves you unnecessary expectations.

Do you want to receive regular discounts? Choose an point and register in it before starting certain procedures. This will help you get a discount, after which it will grow, and your other transfers of funds will become more profitable for you. You can fix a password, login in the browser, so that later the site will recognize you.

Some sites deduct a small percentage of the commission when withdrawing. It is worth remembering this when submitting an application in order to have a stock of funds on the wallet for the correct transfer of funds with a fee retention.

Read more about the description of the table, learn how to correctly understand the information written there. This will make it possible to effectively search and find exchange sites, the parameters of which suit you.

On a note

  1. Always try to split large sums on as many as possible small.
  2. If you need to exchange a large sum then use the recommended exchangers (with green background in table).
  3. If the exchange was not made on time then, it is recommended to write a claim.