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Exchange rates of Privat24 to Alpha-Click

The table contains all currently available offers on Privat24 to Alpha-Click exchange that are under the monitoring of exchange offices. The most profitable currency exchange offers are in the first lines of the table. A detailed description of the table.

Exchanger Privat24 Alpha-Click Reserve BL Comments
365 Cash 1.0000from 3902.2 2.5626 163204max. 75596 379/2/0
NetExchange 1.0000from 1952.67 2.5606 1533886max. 38406 805 0/0/0
Qipri 1.0000from 5000 2.5542 680000max. 75348 0/0/0
Z-Exchange 1.0000from 250 2.5501 155860max. 37613 11/1/0
ExMoney Me 1.0000from 300 2.5080 16623 8/0/0
VIPchanger 1.0000from 2000 2.5008 607993max. 72523 1823 0/0/0
Exchange Moscow 1.0000from 500 2.5005 1215827max. 125025 427 1/0/0
ElectronExchange 1.0000from 500 2.5004 1098645max. 125020 826 0/0/0
Babasiki 1.0000from 500 2.5003 1196474max. 125015 1389 2/2/0
Obmenka Online 1.0000from 500 2.5002 1496365max. 37503 1634 2/1/0
Btc Online 1.0000from 500 2.5001 1110767max. 125005 0/0/0
SuperObmenka 1.0000from 3900 2.5000 336473max. 25000 4088 1/0/0
M-Obmen 1.0000from 3900 2.5000 490837max. 12500 2723 2/0/0
Bitochek 1.0000from 500 2.5000 977779max. 125000 0/0/0
WmPayCash 1.0000from 3900 2.5000 1102904max. 97500 2122 0/0/0
Nice Change 1.0000from 2000 2.4600 34398084max. 61500 1/0/0
Bit-Exchanger 1.0000from 25000 2.3718 2212216 3/1/0
Bankcomat 1.0000from 500 2.2500 19793358max. 56250 25/0/0

Additional fees of exchange offices already included in the exchange rates.

How to choose the right exchanger?

In order to select the best exchange office for exchange of Privat 24 UAH to Alpha-Click RUB from the table, use the following instructions:

  1. Note the columns "Privat24" and "Alpha-Click", which contain the exchange rate offered by the exchanger, if it suits you then proceed to the next step, otherwise proceed to the next row of the table.
  2. Note the column "Reserve" to find out whether the required quantity of Alpha-Click RUB is available.
  3. Pay attention to the column "Comments", namely, to the presence or absence of complaints for the exchange office. In some cases, it may be necessary to view the page of the exchange office and familiarize yourself with the essence of the problems set forth therein.
  4. Please note the mode in which will be made this exchange, either automatic or manual. If the exchange will be made in manual mode, there will be a corresponding icon in the first column next to its title. If there is no such icon, the exchange will be made in automatic mode. Usually, the exchange in automatic mode is much faster than in the manual one but sometimes the difference is not significant.

If there is such an icon %s next to the exchanger name, move the cursor on it for more information. Very often it contains information that may influence your choice.


If the exchange is made in the manual mode, pay attention to the time of work of the operator in the exchanger, to avoid long waiting times.

Many exchangers provide discounts to registered users so we recommend you pre-registering or entering the site using your login and password before committing to exchange, hereby your discount will increase, and all your subsequent exchanges will be more profitable.

Remember that some systems will charge you currency exchange commission for the operation.

We recommend you reading the table description, where you can learn about some features of the information display in the table, which in its turn will allow finding your desired currency exchange office faster and more efficiently.

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