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Exchange rates of Exmo RUB to Bitcoin

In the table you can find suitable offers regarding the exchange of Exmo RUB for Bitcoin. If you need to make an exchange as profitable as possible, look at the lines at the very beginning. Information about the table.

Number of unconfirmed transactions in network Bitcoin: 62902

Exchanger Exmo Bitcoin Reserve TS Comments
NewCoin-X 854562.9375from 1200 1.0000 0.4544 82.1 24/0/0
BitObmen 854755.3750from 3418.8035 1.0000-0.0001 0.0836 258.6 0/0/0
Exchanger Ltd 856064.8125from 300 1.0000-0.0002 0.2047 9.0 0/0/0
YChanger 856419.5625from 5000 1.0000 477.1346 95.7 1/0/0
HD-Change 856498.0625from 5000 1.0000 0.2116 137.4 0/0/0
E-Obmen 862068.9375from 4310.3447 1.0000 12.4500 5597.2 53/0/0
Bitcash 862068.9375from 1900 1.0000 3.7013 1/0/0
Beta Transfer 863772.6875from 3000 1.0000 0.2857 174.0 2/0/0
Baksman 864508.9375from 10000 1.0000 351.4902 484.7 4/1/0
Bankcomat 864941.1875from 5000 1.0000 368.7199 25/0/0
XChange 865042.1875from 5000 1.0000 195.9263 3272.1 32/0/0
Nice Change 865161.1875from 5000 1.0000 159.6534 110.9 1/0/0
MChange 868529.7500from 5000 1.0000 212.0000 59.4 4/0/0
ProstoCash 878869.0000from 3000 1.0000 310.4227 143.5 0/0/0
24Paybank 892838.8125from 5000 1.0000 227.5020 542.6 28/0/0
CoinShop24 902469.5625from 5000 1.0000 55.6918 51.9 0/0/0
Pocket-Exchange 915128.5625from 150 1.0000 1.1232 161.6 7/0/0
Coinstart 915128.5625from 150 1.0000 28.5671 3.9 0/0/0
ObmenDeneg 916909.1875from 10000 1.0000 0.5000 30.8 0/0/0
YoChange 922524.4375from 5000 1.0000 586.7711 98.8 0/0/0
Crypto-Store 925316.4375from 500 1.0000 0.2460 3.9 0/0/0
PMCash 932659.1875from 5000 1.0000 0.1600 315.0 0/0/0
Ferma 957698.0625from 150 1.0000 59.3576 29.2 2/0/0
PayMarket 982681.5000from 150 1.0000 0.0983 34.1 0/0/0

Additional fees of exchangers already included in the exchange rates.

How to choose an exchanger with a favorable rate

Use the tips and instructions below on how to choose the right site for output, what to look for when converting ExCodes RUB to Bitcoins.

  1. The important columns are "Exmo" and "Bitcoin". In them you will see the most important current exchange rate. It can change depending on the selected site. Find an advantageous offer and move on to the next item in the table.
  2. Column "Reserve" contains all the information about how many Bitcoin are currently in the exchanger.
  3. "Comments" will help you find out what other users think of the site, if they have any complaints. To learn more, go to the site you are interested in, read all reviews in detail, draw your own conclusions.
  4. If you want to receive money as soon as possible, opt for an exchange that transfers funds automatically. There is also a manual mode – you will know about it by the icon located near the name of the exchanger. The difference in time during translation can be large, or it can be quite insignificant, so it is difficult to guess here. Choose what suits you best.

The selected item must match the parameters that you consider acceptable. Based on the instructions for using the table, find an exchange site that would completely suit you.


The nuances of the manual mode. If you liked the exchanger that makes withdrawals manually, then be sure to find out how the operators work, their working hours. And then you don't have to wait too long for the transaction to complete.

Please register. This is not necessary, but it can bring you additional benefits if you plan to use the exchanger more than once. When registering, the site remembers you, and over time, a decent discount can accumulate. With each subsequent exchange, you will receive more funds.

Some sites deduct a small percentage of the commission when withdrawing. It is worth remembering this when submitting an application in order to have a stock of funds on the wallet for the correct transfer of funds with a fee retention.

In the table you will find all the information you need to help you navigate the exchangers, figure out which one is most suitable. The table makes it possible to save time and quickly find exchangers.

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