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Exchange rates of Ethereum to Visa/MasterCard KZT

Where can you profitably exchange Ethereum for Visa/MasterCard KZT? Take a look at the table and see all the current offers from exchangers. To select the most profitable option, pay attention to the lines of the table that are at the top. Information describing the data contained in the table is here.

Exchanger Ethereum Visa/MasterCard Reserve TS Comments
CashTradePro 1.0000from 0.018 531642.8750 647170 71.1 1/0/0
YChanger 1.0000from 0.18 526290.3750 106807144 144.3 1/0/0
1WM 1.0000from 0.06 522078.6875 229782max. 227469 1060.7 2/1/0
Wm007 1.0000from 0.01 521853.0000 73209 232.2 0/0/1
4ange 1.0000from 0.1 516836.5312 36643316max. 7752547 152.1 0/0/0
E-scrooge 1.0000from 0.6 514765.3750 5000000 1.0 0/0/3
YoChange 1.0000from 0.3 514765.3750 24353274 117.2 0/0/0
24Paybank 1.0000from 0.1 505977.1250 80550776 542.6 28/0/0
MChange 1.0000from 0.25 504487.0938 7586394 74.0 7/0/0
WorldChange 1.0000from 1 499377.3750 10000000max. 1997509 519.8 1/0/0
Kassa 1.0000from 0.02 498822.4375 1148499max. 1148488 1643.4 0/0/0
Magnetic Exchange Com 1.0000+0.001from 0.0108 491446.5312 71530 3748.6 0/0/0
Nice Change 1.0000from 0.05 487921.4375 22549382 152.8 1/0/0
ProstoCash 1.0000from 0.3 484292.1875 348181056max. 48429218 143.4 0/0/0
60cek 1.0000from 0.2881 477336.9375 7417647 568.7 0/0/0
Baksman 1.0000from 0.5 477336.9375 20565350max. 14320108 503.2 10/1/0
ObmenDeneg 1.0000from 0.05 466057.3438 86345 39.3 0/0/0 1.0000from 0.5 460674.1562 1050485 484.0 0/0/0
Bankcomat 1.0000from 0.3 426966.2812 261052208max. 42696628 26/0/0
PMCash 1.0000from 0.05 424694.0938 96619 332.5 0/0/0
XChange 1.0000from 0.3 421179.6250 20424940 3272.0 32/0/0

Additional fees of exchangers already included in the exchange rates.

Exchanger search

Use the tips and instructions below on how to choose the right site for output, what to look for when converting Ethereum (ETH) to Visa (Master Card) KZT.

  1. It is very important to begin with determining the rate. Choose from the offered the most profitable option. You can see the rates in the columns "Ethereum" and "Visa/MasterCard".
  2. The column titled "Reserve" contains information about whether the exchanger has enough funds Visa/MasterCard KZT to complete the operation.
  3. Column "Comments" will help you finally decide on the exchanger. There are all claims, complaints, and customer thanks. To find out more, you can go to the site itself and read reviews there.
  4. If you want to receive money as soon as possible, opt for an exchange that transfers funds automatically. There is also a manual mode – you will know about it by the icon located near the name of the exchanger. The difference in time during translation can be large, or it can be quite insignificant, so it is difficult to guess here. Choose what suits you best.

Here, you have chosen a site that suits you in all respects. Now click on its name, go to it and complete the translation. If you still haven't found a decent exchanger, try again using the instructions described above – and you will definitely find.

Some more tips:

The nuances of the manual mode. If you liked the exchanger that makes withdrawals manually, then be sure to find out how the operators work, their working hours. And then you don't have to wait too long for the transaction to complete.

Remember that there are points where operation Ethereum – Visa/MasterCard KZT will be considered a simple withdrawal procedure in the system.

Go through a quick registration on the exchanger you like in order to subsequently enjoy all its advantages and bonuses. Next you will enter the site already under his nickname, and you will accumulate discounts, which is very beneficial.

Some exchanges charge a minimum commission – keep this in mind.

In the table you will find all the information you need to help you navigate the exchangers, figure out which one is most suitable. The table makes it possible to save time and quickly find exchangers.

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