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Exchange rates of Advanced Cash EUR to Sberbank

To find and select a suitable exchanger for transferring from Advanced Cash EUR to Sberbank, you can go to the table and see all the options of exchangers. Those that are currently considered the most profitable are located as close to the top as possible. Information about the table.

Advanced Cash payment system introduced a commission of 1% on all transfers to the accounts of exchangers, be careful, consider this when exchanging!

Exchanger Advanced Cash Sberbank Reserve TS Comments
Btc Online 1.0000from 20 86.7839 26791600max. 86783 433.3 0/0/0
Bitochek 1.0000from 50 86.7838 15026605max. 86783 500.4 0/0/0
4ange 1.0000from 50 86.4600 53718188max. 432300 153.0 0/0/0
Nice Change 1.0000from 60 86.3300 102760264max. 863300 152.9 1/0/0
XChange 1.0000from 30 86.0600 41984136max. 430300 3272.0 32/0/0
Fast Change 1.0000 85.9282 78498024 1105.6 10/0/0
Obmen Money 1.0000from 50 85.9162 992861max. 336018 1/0/0
MChange 1.0000from 50 85.0300 62537508max. 255090 74.2 7/0/0
Baksman 1.0000from 100 85.0300 41683192max. 85030 503.3 10/1/0
ProstoCash 1.0000from 30 83.6700 188435808max. 1255050 143.4 0/0/0
NewLine 1.0000from 820 82.7960 30857268max. 347743 639.2 3/0/0
RuBitok 1.0000from 36.9 82.6331-50 20150 391.3 2/0/0
E-Obmen 1.0000from 1 82.3140 5633635 5842.3 53/0/0
Bankcomat 1.0000from 50 82.2900 99190584max. 411450 26/0/0
60cek 1.0000from 60 82.2700 69629512max. 411350 569.3 0/0/0
Ferma 1.0000from 50 80.4637 224936 28.5 2/0/0
Kassa 1.0000from 63.57 78.6555 2403150max. 2403148 1645.6 0/0/0
OneObmen 1.0000from 5 76.8441 5050841max. 153688 5.5 9/0/0
Magnetic Exchange Com 1.0000from 39.91 76.4003-50 962684max. 100076 3750.6 0/0/0 1.0000from 30 73.1400 19753912max. 365700 484.0 0/0/0

Additional fees of exchangers already included in the exchange rates.

Information on finding a suitable exchanger

If you have Advanced Cash EUR and want to exchange it to SberBank RUB, the table will help you choose the best rate to date. Use our tips on how to find a suitable exchanger:

  1. It is very important to begin with determining the rate. Choose from the offered the most profitable option. You can see the rates in the columns "Advanced Cash" and "Sberbank".
  2. The column titled "Reserve" contains information about whether the exchanger has enough funds Sberbank RUB to complete the operation.
  3. Column "Comments" will help you finally decide on the exchanger. There are all claims, complaints, and customer thanks. To find out more, you can go to the site itself and read reviews there.
  4. There are two exchange modes – normal manual and fast automatic; you can determine the mode by the icon – if it is, then the exchange is manual; if there is no icon, it means automatic. Keep in mind that the procedure in automatic mode is much faster than in manual mode. Although for many it is not important.

The selected item must match the parameters that you consider acceptable. Based on the instructions for using the table, find an exchange site that would completely suit you.

Important tips

When choosing an exchange manually, look at what time the operator is working. Otherwise, waiting for the receipt of funds may take a long time.

There are also exchanges that transfer Advanced Cash EUR to Sberbank RUB, and this is registered as a finance withdrawal procedure.

Do you want to receive regular discounts? Choose an point and register in it before starting certain procedures. This will help you get a discount, after which it will grow, and your other transfers of funds will become more profitable for you. You can fix a password, login in the browser, so that later the site will recognize you.

Remember the commission that is charged for the transfer – you must have enough funds in your wallet.

The description of the table gives you comprehensive information on how to use it, how to find profitable exchangers and withdraw funds with almost no losses.

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