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Application form for adding an exchanger

The procedure for applying for adding to us is very simple, you just need to specify a link to the file with the export of currency exchange rates in JSON format in the form below.

If you want the new exchanger to be tied to an existing account, you first need to log in to your account.

Before you register, we recommend that you make sure in that your site meets all brought against requirements.

Does the export file contain errors? Below is a list of the scripts of exchangers where the correct export of exchange rates in JSON format is implemented:

The monitoring does not accept sites that are based on a scripts of
XeronExchanger (from Pavel Popov) and

Your exchanger must always meet all the requirements listed below, otherwise it will be disabled at any time, without notice.

1. General requirements

  1. The site must be fully operational and consist of at least several pages, most of which must contain useful information.
  2. All pages of the site should be accessible via https.
  3. Website design should be of high quality, understandable, and should not be similar to the design of one of the already existing exchanger. You can use the design that comes with the script of the exchanger.
  4. The site should not be a mediator of one of the existing exchangers.
  5. There must be the possibility of rapid communication with the administration of the site. You must have at least one of the communication channels: email, feedback form, online chat. Response to a request through any of the channels of communication must be provided within 3 working days.
  6. The amount of all reserves of currencies must be more than $ 300 (in equivalent).
  7. The site should not contain intrusive advertising.

2. Requirements for export file

  1. The file must be in JSON format.
  2. The contents of the file must be in UTF-8 encoding, and must not contain BOM.
  3. The file must be static, that is, created, or updated every time, after changing the data contained in it, and not when it is requested.
  4. The file should contain only relevant and useful data. It is not necessary to add to it the data for which there is still no corresponding page on the site, the corresponding functionality has not been fully implemented or, it is at the testing stage. Also, you do not need to add exchange rates of internal (or service) site currencies to it.
  5. Rates and reserves of currencies, specified in the file, must coincide with the rates and reserves of currencies, specified in the exchange forms on the website.
  6. If, in the forms of exchange on the site there is a limit on the minimum or maximum amount of exchange, they must also be specified in the file. Moreover, it is necessary to specify the maximum from the minimum amounts, and the minimum of the maximum amounts. All amounts must be specified in that currency (converted), which exchanger receives from the client.
  7. If, in order to make the exchange, it is necessary to log in on the site or pass verification then it must also be specified in the file.
  8. If, for some reason, exchanges are not made on the site (for example, due to technical work, or working hours have ended) then, instead of a file, you need to return a 404 status code.

3. Requirements for specifying commissions

  1. All commissions exchanger should be taken into account in the rate of the exchange, if it is possible.
  2. Any commissions that the client must pay during the transfer of funds to the exchanger, and they are not commissions of payment systems or are different from them, should be specified in the export file.
  3. Any commissions that are not included in the exchange rate and are deducted from the amount that the customer must receive, must be specified in the export file.
  4. If, for receiving or sending funds to customers, third-party services or automated interfaces (for example, a merchant) are used, and their use provides for payment of a commission, different from the commission of the payment system, such a commission should be specified in the export file.

4. Requirements if exchanges are made from/to Webmoney

  1. Passport should be no lower than personal.
  2. The period of time has elapsed since the registration WMID should not be too short.
  3. BL (Business Level) must be greater than 0.
  4. In arbitration onto WMID not be justified claims, the essence of which is directly related to the activities of the exchanger.
  5. WMID of purses participating in exchanges must match the WMID of passport, a link to a page of which should be listed on the website.
  6. In some cases, the address of the exchanger must be specified and confirmed at the passport page, a link to which can be found at site.

5. Requirements if exchanges are made from/to Perfect Money

  1. Account in the system has to be verified.
  2. The period of time elapsed since the creation of the account should not be too short.
  3. TS (Trusted Score) must be greater than 0.

If, after activation, exchanger will not meet the stated requirements that it can be turned off at any time, without notice.