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You have 2 ways for installing extension:

  1. Install directly from the browser extensions catalog.
  2. Install manually by downloading the extension file on the computer.

Instructions for installing extension manually

  1. Download the extension at your computer at this link.
  2. Go to the directory where the downloaded file and drag it to the browser, as shown in the figure below.
installing extensions in Firefox
  1. Give your consent for the installation of the extension.

After installing the extension, its icon appears in the lower right corner of the browser, next to the other extensions (if any).

panel Firefox browser extensions

Location of the extension can be easily changed by moving it to the required panel, after switching to configure toolbars, for this you need to right-click on the toolbar and choosing: "Customize". In this mode, you can easily drag the icon of the extension to a convenient location on one of the panels, such as shown in the figure below.

browser toolbar Firefox extension installed