exchangers monitoring
Frequency of rates updates
202 / 273

Detailed instructions for installing extension Exinfo contained on the tab corresponding to the browser.

Using the extension enables the following benefits:

  • Save time when checking the site blacklisted by automating the process, for example as shown in the figure below.
Exinfo: the site is blacklisted
  • Checks for the site in the list of added exchangers, and displays brief information about it, such as shown in the figure below.
Exinfo: brief information of the exchanger
  • Checking the address of the website allows you to protect against phishing (websites, designed like the original, to defraud or obtain user data).
  • The information provided is accompanied by the presence of the direct link that allows you to quickly verify its authenticity.
  • The possibility promptly report any problem related to the work site.
  • Learn what directions of exchange on this site are most advantageous in comparison with other exchangers.