exchangers monitoring
MTRU (sec.):
179 / 216
1606 / 1799

Form of add exchanger

The registration procedure is very simple, you need to paste a link to a file with the export of currency exchange rates in JSON format in the field is, which located below and then to push the button Add.

Before you register, we recommend that you make sure in that your service meets all brought against requirements.

Does the export file contain errors? Below is a list of the scripts of exchangers where the correct export of exchange rates in JSON format is implemented:

The monitoring does not accept sites that are based on a scripts of
XeronExchanger from Pavel Popov ( and sites) and

1. General requirements for exchangers

After you have added the exchanger using the form above, you will need to wait for its activation. Activation of the exchanger does not happen, through at least one of these conditions:

  1. The site consists of a single page or most of its pages do not contain useful information.
  2. The site is still under development, are conducting technical work, or some of its elements are not functioning properly.
  3. Website acts as a mediator of one of the existing exchangers, through participation in its affiliate program using specially designed for that widgets of exchange.
  4. Web site design is similar to the design of an existing exchanger, and it is not a standard for this script exchanger.
  5. The design of web site has bad quality, design elements of page is located at random. The same elements have different alignment, cover each other or between them do not have enough space.
  6. If the site is not used for data transmission secure connection (https).
  7. The sum of all currency reserves are less than $ 300 (based on the current exchange rate).
  8. Has no ways to contact the site administrator. Not specified contact details, there is no feedback form, and online chat.
  9. If on site does not specify the time of his work and during the day and after referring to the administration of the site at the specified contact information no response was received. The only exceptions are weekends and holidays.
  10. The site was created only for the purpose of advertising on its pages.

2. Requirements for data in a file with exchange rates

File with the export of exchange rates should meet the general requirements and the requirements of the monitoring:

  1. Exchange rates and reserves specified to in the file must match the rates and reserves specified to in the exchanger.
  2. Any commissions that are charged by the site during the exchange must be specified in the file. The only exceptions are the commission of payment system, which are charged at the time of transfer of funds by users onto account of the exchanger. That is all the commissions, except for the commissions, which are specified near the field where the user enters the amount of the exchange, need to be included in the file.
  3. If for receiving funds from the user uses automatic interfaces (for example, a merchant), and their use involves the charge of commission which differs from the commission of payment system then such a commission should be specified in the file.

3. If you are engaged in exchanges with/for Webmoney

Such exchangers must meet the following requirements:

  1. Passport should be no lower than personal.
  2. The period of time has elapsed since the registration WMID should not be too short.
  3. BL (Business Level) must be greater than 0.
  4. In arbitration onto WMID not be justified claims, the essence of which is directly related to the activities of the exchanger.
  5. WMID of purses participating in exchanges must match the WMID of passport, a link to a page of which should be listed on the website.
  6. In some cases, the address of the exchanger must be specified and confirmed at the passport page, a link to which can be found at site.

4. If you are engaged in exchanges with/for Perfect Money

Such exchangers must meet the following requirements:

  1. Account in the system has to be verified.
  2. The period of time elapsed since the creation of the account should not be too short.
  3. TS (Trusted Score) must be greater than 0.

If, after activation, exchanger will not meet the stated requirements that it can be turned off at any time, without notice administration of exchanger.

If for some reason you cannot create, but want that either exchanger was in fact monitoring, contact with the administration, we find the best solution for you.