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Burse created for people wishing to exchange their own funds in other currencies system Webmoney. It is available in both russian and english languages.

At present exchange rates in exchange can be performed in 54 different directions, among the myriad of currencies that are involved, the main of which can be mentioned: wmx, wmk, wmg, wmb, wmr, wme, wmz, wmu.

Due to the fact that all site systems be protected from hacking, exchanges them provide complete security and manufactured in extra security and protection. All personal confidential information, which is requested by the exchanger is encrypted and therefore fully protected from the possibility of falling into the hands of other peoples.

During the work on the site has passed 10599 times. The most common types of exchange in the last 30 days, by which transitions have been committed. All of them are reflected in the table.


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  • April 11, 2016 at 08:31
  • 46.242.66.*


Согласен с предыдущим. Теперь по направлениям WM - WM, другим обменникам тут делать нечего.

    • March 9, 2014 at 12:58
    • 91.215.25.*


    Обменник конечно хороший, так как является биржой обмена вм.
    Но! Зачем он здесь? Ведь администрация мониторинга прибыли с данного обменного пункта не поимеет. Да и из-за него еще и не поимеет прибыли по партнерке с других обменников, так как биржа вм покажет курс выгоднее других и пользователи пойдут туда