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Yandex Money bonus

In connection with the blocking of Yandex assets in Ukraine, the bonus will be issued only until May 31, 2017 inclusive. From 01.06.2017 the bonus issuance will be suspended for an indefinite period.
Given this fact, all the remaining days will be issue a double bonus.

Bonuses on today was over, come through

Sponsor of bonus - sponsor of distribution of bonuses Новая, современная, выгодная, удобная и безопасная платежная система.

Current news

May 11 at 10:45New directions of exchange

The directions for the exchange of WMZ onto Kazakhstan banks have been added: AsiaCredit Bank, Kaspi Bank, Qazaq Banki, VTB24, KazInvestBank, Nurbank, Citibank and Tsesnabank.

About bonus

To receive the bonus, you must wait for the form, and then enter your account number of the system Yandex Money and click on the correct figure, after that will be sent a request for a receive bonus.

Bonus is given once a day, which is after midnight, you can get it again.

The bonus amount depends on the type of bonus account:

  • from main account you can get from 0.10r. to 0.40r.
  • from reserve account is always given a fixed amount of 0.04r.

Bonuses are issued only from one account, which is randomly determined. Learn the likelihood receiving of a particular type of bonus and their number, can in the block on the right. After exhausting the reserve at any bonus account, the probability of receiving a bonus from the other accounts in proportion to the increase.

For information on when will be available the opportunity to receive a bonus, notify provided for this timer, at the expiration of the allotted time in which, it will be possible again to get the bonus.

That it was possible to use received the bonuses, you must have the named account in the system Yandex Money, for this you need the specify passport data. Since no one checks their validity is, you can specify any data and then easily to use the bonuses, for example, to exchange on wmr.